WOD: 7/24/18

Back Squat
1×5 @ 75%
2×4 @ 85%
1×3 @90%
1×2 @ 95%
*The loads posted are intentionally challenging.  You can make +/- 5 lb. adjustments based on your capacity today, but get ready for a great squat session and don’t back down.

Conditioning: (more Fran Practice)
EMOM 10:
3 Thrusters (95/65, ADV 135/95)
4 Pull Ups (ADV – C2B)
5 Burpees
(final minute: Max Burpees w/ remaining time)
* Compare to 8/22/16

5 Rounds:
a) Jerk Balance x 2 Reps
b) Weighted Dips x 5 Reps

1 thought on “WOD: 7/24/18

  1. 5:30 am

    Paul-4 (pp)
    Alexa-12 Rx+
    Dom 10 Rx+
    Holly-9- (95/4 burpees/PU)
    Hector-8 Rx
    Ant DJ-17 Rx+
    Chris-5 (scaled)
    Jose-9 Rx
    Jasmine-9 (scaled)
    James-4 (RR)
    Neil-6 (3-4 burpees)
    Greg-14 Rx
    Kathy-8 (45/4 burpees)
    Melanie-4 (55/ B)
    Rosa-2 (:

    8:00 AM
    Harley-10 Rx
    Rebecca-12 (35/Blk)
    David-15 Rx
    Julie- 16 Rx
    Bea- 10 (scaled)
    Saira-10 (55/3’s)
    Paul J.-(:
    GIna-10 (55/3’s)
    Eric-9 (55/3’s)
    Kasey-7 (55/3’s)
    Serenna-12 (35)
    Cookie-10 Rx
    Brees 12 (35)
    Robert-14 Rx
    Mayra- 12(RR)
    Abram-16 (25)
    Alicia-13 Rx

    9:00 AM

    Jen DJ- 14 (mod)
    KAtie-16 Rx
    Moni- 9 (b/r)
    Keith 17 Rx
    David S.-11 (G)
    Jason J.-12 (scaled)
    Sean-12 (Scaled)
    Amanda- 13 (scaled)
    Sashae- 2 (RR)
    Jenny-9 (blk)
    Alyssa- 12 (G)
    Lindsey- 14Rx
    Rueger-21 Rx
    Cruz-11 (B)

    3:30 PM

    John 4 Rx (115)
    Luis S.-11 Rx+ (110)
    Demaris- 9 Rx+
    Amy P.-7 Rx
    Merideth-12 Rx
    Will-3 (mod)
    Anthony A.-3 (scaled)
    Steve-5 (scaled)
    Paul- 6 (scaled)
    David-4 (scaled)
    Gus 14 Rx+
    RUth-4 (scaled)

    4:30 PM

    Ron E.-3 (scaled)
    Cam B-(:
    MIssy F.-6 (scaled)
    Manny-4 (Scaled)
    Shawn-15 (Scaled)
    Goodwin-6 Rx
    Paul J.-7 Rx-
    Shannon R.-5 (scaled)

    5:30 PM
    Eric H.-6 (65/B/2-3-4)
    Hogue-6 (65/ RR/2-4-5)
    Jessica-5 (G)
    Erika-5 (35/RR)
    Emily- 5 (35/RR)
    Ellie- 10 (35/G)
    Slate- 12 Rx
    Chris-4 (45/G)
    Maya- (:
    Gabby- 5 (15/RR)
    Yessenia-3 Rx+
    Eric A.- 6 Rx+
    Travis-6 Rx-

    6:30 PM

    Dan H.-16 Rx+
    Alejandra-4 Rx
    Shannon R.-7 (35/B)
    Janet-3 (45)
    Veronica-2 (25/RR)
    Frito- 11 Rx
    Raju- 5(55/R/B)
    Sierra-4 Rx
    Natalie-5 (scaled)
    Melissa-5 (45/G)
    Gabby- Rx
    Carlos- 6 (65)
    Kami-6 Rx
    Rich-6 Rx

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