WOD: 8/8/18

4-5 Rounds (30 Minutes):
a) Suitcase Deadlifts x 5 each side
b) Dumbbell Bench Press x 5-8 Reps
c) Standing Upper Body Sled Drag x 60 Feet

3 Rounds:
20 Sit Ups
15 Hang Power Cleans (135/85)
10 Push Jerk (135/85)
5 Burpee Over Bar
*7 minute soft cap (“Soft Cap” means the following: You will finish whichever round you are on at the 7:00 point.  Don’t stop at 7:00; your score is the time you complete that round.  If you are on your first round, finish 1 round. If you are on your second round, finish it.  If you are on your third round before 7:00, you have the privilege of completing the whole workout.  Note: If you get cut off at 1 or 2 rounds, don’t blame the soft cap; blame your fitness.)