WOD: 9/27/18

4 Rounds:
A) Paused Bench Press x 5 Reps (2-second pause @ bottom of each rep)
B) Weighted Hip Extension x 10 Reps
C) 30 seconds ME Russian Twist w/plate

20 Minute Alternating EMOM…
:40 on/:20 off (choose load)
Min 1 – Goblet squats (1 Dumbbell)
Min 2 – ab mat sit ups [adv: V-ups]
Min 3 – shoulder to overhead (1 Dumbbell)
Min 4 – alternating dumbbell snatch


3-4 sets of dips to failure with 200m ski between sets. Add weight if you can do 15+ reps. Use stationary handles, not rings.

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