WOD: 11/29/18

20 Minute AMRAP:
20 KB Swings (53/35)
15 Situps – Ab Mat
250m Run (3 inside laps)

*Compare to 1/28/14


“Bulletproof Shoulder Complex”
4-5 Rounds…
8-10 Reps, 2 arms simultaneous, using dumbbells:
Front Raise
Lateral Raise
Reverse Fly

After 4-5 Rounds, finish with 2 sets to failure:
DB Arnold Press
*All movements should maintain midline stability and should be slow/strict

WOD: 11/28/18

As posted last week, the Michael and Lindsy Zuniga family is still dealing with their loss of home in Paradise, CA.  If you haven’t had a chance to donate, please consider doing so with their go fund me page.  THANK YOU!

3-4 Rounds:
A) Front Rack Box Step Ups x 8 Each Leg
B) Dumbbell Bench Press x 8 Reps
C) Single Arm Ring Row x 8 Each Arm

2 Rounds:
40 Walking Lunges
20 Toes-2-Bar
100m Farmer Carry (1 inside lap)
10 Burpee Box Jump Overs

3 Rounds:
A) Dumbbell Chest Fly x 8 Reps
B) Russian Twists – slow x 30 Seconds

WOD: 11/27/18

Back Squat
1 x 8 @ 70%
2 x 6 @ 75%
1 x 5 @ 80%
2 x 5 @ 80%+

*As we did last week, you may climb above the prescribed percentages, but only if you maintain stability, good positions, and full ROM.

5 Strict Pull Ups
5 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
500m Row
10 Strict Pull Ups
10 Clean & Jerks
400m Run
5 Strict Pull Ups
5 Clean & Jerks

*Advanced: +5 pull-ups/round; 185/125

3-4 Rounds:
Single leg box step downs x 10 each leg
Ring Body Saw x 20-30 seconds

WOD: 11/26/18

Hi Hang (Vertical Torso) Clean
3 x 2, 3 x 1

2 Rounds:
400m Row/Run (alternate)
20 Burpees
-Straight into-
2 Rounds:
400m Row/Run (alternate)
30 Air Squats
-Straight into-
800m Row, 20 Burpees
20 Burpees
-Straight into-
800m Run
30 Air Squats

*20 Minute Soft Cap.

3 Rounds:
Dumbbell Bent Over Row to External Rotation x 10 Reps
RNT Reverse Lunge x 10 Reps Each Leg


WOD: 11/21/18

FRIENDSGIVING PARTY TONIGHT – 7:00 PM.  We can’t wait to see you there.

A 10-Course Meal, CFM Style…

30 minute AMRAP:

10 Push Ups
10 Hip Extensions
10 Cal Ski (or row)
10 Cal Bike (or row)
10 Dumbbell Snatch (50/35)
10 Goblet Squats (50/35)
10 Pull Ups
10 Wall Balls
10 Burpees-to-target
250M Run

This is a 2.0 version of our traditional pre-thanksgiving WOD, and the gym will be set up to accommodate the movement of the athletes throughout.  If you’d like to compare to what we’ve done for the last 8 years, you click here here here here here here, or here and perform the original.

WOD: 10/20/18


Don’t miss it. 

Sign Up so we have an estimate for food and tables. 

Bring something delicious. 

If it’s store-bought, it’s cool, but if you bring a good homemade dish you’re a superstar.

Do your hair.  Wear you nice boots.



No exercising.

Good People.

Back Squat
2 x 8 @ 70%
2 x 6 @ 75%
2 x 5 @ 75%+

Then, 30 minutes with moderate rest between movements:

A) Push Press x 5 Reps
B) partner-plank alternating reach x 30 – 45 seconds
C) yoke carry x 100′
D) D-Ball cleans x 4 reps


Bench Press with chains: 3 x 8

WOD: 11/19/18

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Friendsgiving Dinner/Party on Wednesday night at 7:00 PM.  CFM is donating some of the meat, but this is a potluck event, and we would like you to bring a family-favorite dish.  If you don’t have time to bring homemade, we also need sides and desserts (Bonus points if it’s from Jantz or Costco).  You can designate your contribution to the party on the sign-up sheet at they gym.  Please also bring serving utensils and toppings (sauces, gravy, whipped cream, etc.) for your food.

We are also encouraging you to donate to those who have been displaced by the Camp Fire.  Check last week’s post for details.

Thanksgiving Week Schedule
Monday & Tuesday: Regular Class Schedule
Wednesday: Regular Morning Schedule, 3:30 PM, & 4:30 PM (5:30 PM & 6:00 PM closed for Friendsgiving Party)
Thursday & Friday: Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
Saturday: Regular Schedule (Open Gym 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM)
Boot Camp Schedule: Monday Regular Class, Tuesday Night (Wednesday class is moved to Tuesday), and next week will have FOUR classes on Monday through Thursday.

Hi-Hang (Vertical Torso) Snatch:
3 x 2, 3 x 1

4 Rounds:
Single Leg Glute Bridge w/1-second hold @ top x 5 reps each leg
Strict Pull Ups x 5-8 Reps (add weight if possible)
Front Rack Step Back Lunges w 1 Second hold @ bottom x 5 reps each leg
Dip Support x 30 seconds (Rings or boxes ok) [advanced: 30 seconds tempo ring dips; tempo = 2,2,2,2]

Again, the air quality is poor due to the smoke.  The goal here is to keep your heart rate moderate, so that you don’t breathe heavily.  The goal now, as always, is to BUILD you up, not BEAT you up.  I guarantee that anyone doing conditioning workouts while the air is quality is this poor is doing significantly more harm than benefit.  Be smart. Take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen today’s movements.  Get fitter.

WOD: 11/16/18

RSVP for the CFM Friendsgiving Dinner next Wednesday, 7/21/18 at 7:00 PM (see details on yesterday’s post).  Regarding donations, our local firefighters recommended that we support the Red Cross efforts.  You can click: Red Cross Website, or text the word CAWILDFIRES to 90999 to make a $10 donation.  For specific donations, coach Demaris has friends and family (Michael and Lindsy Zuniga) that have lost their entire home, and are literally sleeping couch-to-cough every night – and need our help. Click here to see their Go Fund Me page Notes:  There has been lots of clothing already donated, and they have no home, so there is no room for more clothes (or toys or school supplies – yet). They have commented that the best way to donate is cash and gift cards for restaurants and grocery stores. 

Thanksgiving Week Schedule
Monday & Tuesday: Regular Class Schedule
Wednesday: Regular Morning Schedule, 3:30 PM, & 4:30 PM (5:30 PM & 6:00 PM closed for Friendsgiving Party)
Thursday & Friday: Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
Saturday: Regular Schedule (Open Gym 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM)
Boot Camp Schedule: Monday Regular Class, Tuesday Night (Wednesday class is moved to Tuesday), and next week will have FOUR classes on Monday through Thursday.

EMOM 10:
2 Hi-Hang (Vertical Torso) Cleans

35 Minutes, resting as needed between movements
Double KB Front Squat x 8 Reps (advanced: Goblet Pistol Squats x 8 each leg)
Double Handle Bent Row w/1-second hold @ top x 8 Reps
Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift x 8 Reps each side
Close Grip Bench Press x 8 Reps
Farmer Carry x 80m
Flutter Kick x 30-45 Seconds

Prioritize :
1) Stability and ROM
2) Load
3) volume
(do not prioritize speed today)

*In order to maximize increases in physical capacity, it is not always beneficial to perform a traditional “Conditioning” workout (sometimes known as a “Met Con”) each day.  Instead, we sometimes forgo a traditional “sweat your face off” workout to develop new skills and build capacity across the musculature in the form of strength and stability.  Currently, the poor air quality has reminded us that today is another great opportunity to build capacity without conditioning.  This workout (and yesterday’s) is in place to address weaknesses in our positioning and failure-points of other foundational movements.  Move continuously through the movements, with moderate rest (approximately 45-60) seconds between movements.

Walking Sled Drag w/harness: 4 x 60 seconds

WOD: 11/15/18

ANNOUNCEMENT: The devastation from the fires in Butte County has been utterly awful.  Our own, Jeff Cole, has been in Paradise since last week doing his part to help protect the town.  The stories of loss are heartbreaking, and there are many such stories.  This is a picture of the CrossFit Gym in Paradise, CA. 

We have decided to help, and we want you to join us.  On the evening of Wednesday, November 21 (THE NIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING), we are hosting a FriendsGiving party at CFM.  The party will start as a potluck, and CFM will be hosting and donating lots of additional food.  Please join us at the party and bring a dish to share.  We will be asking for donations of money and supplies (but not mandatory).  We will be donating 100% of the proceeds. Sign up on the sheet at the gym so we know how much food, tables, and supplies to bring. (Note: as of the moment of this posting, we have not finalized specifically where the money will be donated, but we are working with the local fire department(s) to determine where resources are needed most – we will let you know.)  

Party Details…
RSVP: at CFM asap
Date/Time: 11/21/18 at 7:00 PM until closing
Dress: Nice (Harley said 30% off to any CFM member who buys something at H&H for the party)
Bring: a dish to share, drinks, and a check for donations (check is optional, recipient TBA)
Mood: Bring your smiles – we’ve got lots to be thankful for and great friends to share the good times

Build to a heavy set of the following complex:
1 Snatch Balance + 2 Overhead Squats

20 Min of :40 work/:20 rest
4 Rounds of
Min 1: Deadlift x 5 Reps – TNG
Min 2: Box Step Ups (can add load)
Min 3: Shoulder Touches (wall or box)
Min 4: Walking Lunges (can add load)
Min 5: Alternating Med Ball Push Ups
* Choose the amount of reps to make it challenging


Muscle Up Drills – ask a coach for help 🙂

WOD: 11/13/18

Congrats to each team who competed at the 2018 CFM Holiday Throwdown on Saturday.  This year’s comp was another huge success.   It was great to get together to celebrate fitness through friendly competition.  We’re already excited for 2019.  Here are the winners from Saturday:

Womens’ Rx
1st Place: Demaris and Dominique Zuniga
2nd Place: Merissa Bondi and Jen DeJager
3rd Place: Sid Anderson and Rachel Hatano

Womens’ Scaled:
1st Place: Sue Smith and Amy Pelissier
2nd Place: Kathy Wilson and Andrea Alcon
3rd Place: Gina Young and Tamara Simmons

Mens’ Rx
1st Place: Gus Sanchez and Julian Perez
2nd Place: John Sweigard and Dan Holmes
3rd Place:  Eric Anderson and Cam Brigham

Also, Ash and Ritu won the Coed Division.

Back Squat
1 x 10 @ 65%
1 x 8 @ 70%
2 x 6 @ 75%
1 x 5 @ 75%+

7 Rounds:
7 KB Swings (70/53)
7 Toes-2-Bar (Scaled: V-Ups)
7 Burpee Pull Ups
* Rest 30 Seconds after each round.
Compare to 5/29/15

Incline Bench Press: 3 x 8

VETERANS’ DAY 11/12/18

Modified Schedule: Open Gym from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Thank you, to all of the service members who have served to protect our country.  Your service has preserved our precious freedom.

Come in and make up a workout, or jump into the workout posted below. We will run heats of “Holleyman” every 30 Minutes.

With a Partner, alternating rounds, or by yourself:
30 Rounds of –
5 Wallballs
1 Clean (225/155)
*Compare to 5/9/17
30 Minute Soft Cap.

Today is for the service veterans – some of whom are members here at CFM.  We’ll post a recap of the 2018 CFM Holiday Throwdown tomorrow.

WOD: 11/9/18

Yes, you should have signed up already, but we’re not going to shame you if you sign up now – we want you in. 🙂  Here’s the heat schedule, which is based on the names written on the sign up sheet on the white board.  This schedule is tentative and subject to change, so don’t freak out if your name isn’t here; give Anthony a call and we’ll get you set up. There is still room for more spots  The final heat schedule (including changes after this post) will be posted at the gym on Saturday morning at 8:15 AM.

Today’s WOD…

Practice Cycling Cleans in preparation for the HTD tommorrow. Stay at (or below) 135/85. Focus on improving speed and stability.
We recommend performing 5 sets of unbroken cleans.  Perform up to 5 reps if you can maintain good positioning and footwork.  If you cannot do TNG (“Touch-N-Go”) reps at 135/85, do 5 sets of 3-4 singles.  We prefer working up to the Rx load of 135/85 even if you have to slow down, but only if you are confident in your ability to perform it, and have the technique to get through a few rounds tomorrow.

“Annie & Cindy”
50 Situps & Double Unders
1 Round of “Cindy” (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats)
40 Situps & Double Unders
1 Round of “Cindy” (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats)
30 Situps & Double Unders
1 Round of “Cindy” (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats)
20 Situps & Double Unders
1 Round of “Cindy (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats)
10 Situps & Double Unders

Note: This is all 5 Rounds of Annie (50-40-30-20-10), and 4 rounds of Cindy.
*Compare to 11/21/14.
If you’re competing tomorrow, we recommend an 8 minute hard cap.  If necessary, slow down so that you are not overly sore for the competition tomorrow.


Mobility work: Get loosened up with your front rack and lower squat positions to prepare for the comp tomorrow.  Take some extra time to get ready.  Ask a coach if you need mobility tips.

WOD: 11/8/18

Participating in the 2018 CFM Holiday Throwdown is going to change your life!  Well, maybe not significantly, but it’s going to be a ton of fun.  If you’ve been working your butt off then you’re going to get an opportunity to show everyone how much progress you’ve made.  And, well, if you’ve been slacking, you might need to just sign up anyway so you can get refocused.  There’s really no down side.  We don’t care what skill level you are.  Don’t worry – there will be no pressure of minimum ability requirements – we’ll be able to scale everything to the personal level of each athlete.  We just want you to show up, do your best, and have fun.  Talk to a coach if you’re not signed up yet and we’ll get you in.

3-4 Rounds (15 Minutes):
a) Kneeling Strict Press on Land Mine x 5 Reps each arm
b) Standing Upper Body Sled Drag w/rope x 60’+
c) V-Ups x 10-15 Reps

2 rounds for time:
3 muscle ups
Run 800m
3 muscle ups
*Rest 3 Minutes between rounds.  For Scaling: Use rings (not bar) if you have ring muscle ups – scale reps if necessary.  If you do not have muscle ups, perform 6 strict pull Ups + 6 dips (or perfect push ups if you do not have dips).  Related: If you have bar muscle ups but not ring muscle ups, why haven’t you been practicing? 😉
Compare to 10/16/17.

Jerk Balance: 3 sets x 4 reps

WOD: 11/7/18

The 2018 CFM Holiday Throwdown is happening this Saturday!    If you don’t want a trophy with a turkey on it then you should check your pulse.  We’ll be opening the doors at 8 AM and we should be starting the first heat by 9 AM.  We expect to be finished with the workouts before noon.  There is still time to sign up!  LOOK AT YESTERDAY’S POST TO SEE THE WORKOUTS!  If you don’t have a partner, we can help you find one, so reach out to a coach for help.  You can also bring a friend from another CrossFit gym to be your partner!  We hope to be able to post the start time for your heats by Thursday.  Also, we are still looking for extra volunteers for judging and scoring, so contact Jen if you can get involved.  

2 Thrusters (from floor)
Then, 5 minutes to work to a heavy thruster double for the day. This is prep for the HTD Event #2 on Saturday.

400m Run, then
100 KB Swings
200 Shoulder Touches
*Break up KB Swings and Shoulder Touches into any apportionment as necessary.
*Compare to 6/1/15.

3 Rounds:
A) Strict Toes-2-Bar x 8-12
B) Strict GH Raises x 8-12

Also, next Monday (11/12/18) we will have a modified schedule for Veterans Day (observed).  We will post the schedule here TBD.

WOD: 11/6/18


We’ve got over 80 athletes set to compete at the Intra-CFM Holiday Throwdown on Saturday!  If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s still time to jump in.  From the bottom of my heart, I promise that you’ll be glad you did!  Let us know if you can do it ASAP.  We’re hoping to announce teams tomorrow (Wednesday), and get the heats scheduled by Thursday.  You will be able to sign up at any time before the event starts, but signing up sooner helps us with logistics.  Today we announce the events:

Event 1: “The Sevens”
7 Minute AMRAP
7 Power Cleans (135/85)
7 Bar Facing Burpees
*Partners will complete an entire round, then alternate.  Teams will complete as many rounds as possible in 7 minutes with this format. Your score is your total number of reps.  Power cleans are from the floor and can be done in sets or one at a time.   Bar Facing Burpees for Rx division require athletes to jump back/jump up with both feet simultaneously, and also require a 2-footed jump over the bar.   Scaled divisions can step back/step up and step over the bar.

Event 2: “Double Thruster”
Establish a Max for a 2-rep Thruster
*Immediately following event 1 (i.e., when the clock hits 7:00), each partner will work to a max double of a thruster, with the bar starting on the floor.  Partners may take as many (or as few) attempts as necessary.  Time ends when the clock hits 12:00 (any attempt where the bar that is OFF THE FLOOR at 12:00 may count).  Your score is the total load of the highest lift of each partner.

Event 3: “Maximum Effort”
12 Minute AMRAP:
80/65 Calorie Row
80 Dumbbell Goblet Squats (50/35)
80 Dumbbell Snatch (50/30)
Maximum Wallballs with Remaining time.
*Partners may split work as chosen, but there is no 50/50 requirement.  After 80 completed reps of Row/Goblet Squat/Dumbbell Snatch, each team will try to complete as many wallballs as possible in the remaining time.  Dumbbell Snatch must be alternating hands for each rep. Your score is the total amount of wallballs completed.  (Note: Womens’ row will be 65 calories)

Max Calories on Rogue Bike while partner performs dead hang.
*We will include this event if we have enough time between heats, so it will depend on how many teams we get to sign up.  Your score will be the amount of Calories completed on the Bike by Partner “A” while Partner “B” hangs from the bar (i.e., only one partner will bike, and one partner will hang).  You may not start on the bike until Partner “B” starts hanging, and your time limit will last as long as Partner “B” stays off of the floor.  No grips are allowed; you may adjust your grip in any fashion while hanging, but may only use hands.  This will be a “floater” event, so you will not have an official start time; it will be first come, first served.

Arrive at 8:00 – 8:15 AM.
Start warming ups for Event 1 at 8:30
National Anthem at 8:45
Heats Start at 9:00
Heats finish before Noon
*Note: you will have two separate heat times – the first two events will be in the same heat, then you will complete event #3 afterwards.  Also let us know if you need to start early or late – we can likely accommodate you to fit this into your schedule.

If you can’t participate as a competitor, we are still hoping to get you here to help (and be part of the fun).  We need lots of good judges, and a few people to help with scoring (looking for at least one volunteer that can handle Excel spreadsheets).  You don’t have to leave at noon – we will be hanging out and enjoying drinks for a while.  Bring a 6-pack of your favorite beer to share.  We’ll probably end up ordering pizza at some point. 🙂  Don’t miss out.

Today’s work…

6 Rounds (45 Minutes):
a) 50 Double Unders
b) 40 Seconds Max Effort Dips
c) 400m ski/.5 mile bike
d) 5 Back Squats*

*Perform 5 reps on the back squat on Round 1; Add 1 rep to the back squats on each consecutive round (10 reps on last round).  Push yourself on each of the movements throughout the six rounds to get a fantastic workout, so take enough rest between movements to perform each set powerfully.

*Compare to 6/5/18.

3 Rounds:
a) Double Handle Row x 10 Reps
b) Straight Arm Lat Pull downs x 10 Reps
c) Dumbbell Chest Flys x 10 Reps

Happy Birthday to Matt “Wildfire” Van Hagen.

WOD: 11/5/18

The HOLIDAY THROWDOWN is this Saturday from 8:00 AM until noon. We want as many people to participate as possible. This event has always been a great way for us to have fun and compete and bring the CFM community together. Sign up at the gym so we can get you scheduled into a heat. Let us know if you need us to find you a partner. You’re in, and we’re going to have a great time.

Every 90 seconds for 12:00
1 squat clean

50 Calorie Row
50 Wallballs (20/14)
40 Pull Ups
40 Dead Lifts (135/95)
30 Goblet Squats (50/35)
30 Alt. DB Snatch
20 Burpees-Over Bar

*20 Minute Hard Cap.

**Don’t drop the dumbbells.


50 Strict Handstand Pushups

*no kipping. Tempo descent if possible.