WOD: 3/22/19

Open WOD 19.5

Reps, in the format of 33-27-21-15-9:

Thrusters (95/65)

Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups

Full workout description HERE.

Remember, we’re finishing up the Open with our last Friday Night Lights tonight. Heats start around 5 PM. Check yesterday’s post for more details.


The CrossFit Open is the official start of the CrossFit Games season. The Open is a great time to get together to test ourselves and see how much progress we’ve made – and compete with our friends. The “spirit of the Open” is a sense of excitement that only comes around this time of year. We’re glad that so many of our members had fun with it this year.

Ultimately, though, the point of the Open is to filter the field of participants to find the fittest man and woman on earth. The truth is that nobody from our gym is even close to that level.

This final workout is an appropriate test to find the fittest on earth, but it doesn’t align with how we want most of our clients to approach workouts.

Chest-to-bar pull ups are a high-skill, high-power, movement that requires excellent body control and great shoulder stability to perform safely. Accordingly, when we program these (along with other high-skill movements) we will lower the amount of reps, which allows athletes to maintain good positions and control through a workout without reaching failure and compromising their safety.

Here, with 19.5, the workout calls for 105 chest-to-bar pull ups, which is more than double the amount that we’ve ever put into a workout. This is fine for the fittest folks on earth, but it’s problematic for most of the rest of us because it can cause stressors on your shoulders and arms that can lead to injury. We have a responsibility to protect our athletes, so we strongly recommend modifications that will allow you to maintain good positions.

To do this, we’re implementing the following rule, for which we will have no exceptions:

  • To perform the workout Rx, and do sets of C2Bs bigger than singles, you must demonstrate that you can perform a set of 10 unbroken strict pull ups with full ROM.
  • To perform the workout Rx, and do singles on your C2Bs, you must show a coach that you can perform a set of 5 unbroken strict pull ups with full ROM. (I.e., If you can do 5, all of your C2B pull ups during 19.5 must be “singles,” meaning they must be done one at a time.)
  • If you cannot perform 5 unbroken strict pull ups then you must do the scaled version of the workout. The scaled description is in the link above.

Also, if you are not signed up for the Open (which means you do not have to submit an official score) we encourage you to do a shorter version of the workout, with a 21-15-9 rep format. This is a recommendation and not a requirement, but the pull up standard above will still apply. You’ll still get a great workout.)

Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for taking a responsible approach to your fitness.

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