WOD: 6/25/19

EMOM x 10
Back Squat: 1 Pause Squat (3 Seconds @ bottom) + 1 Back Squat

5 Rounds of 3 Minutes:
15/12 Cal Row
8 Strict Pull Ups [Advanced: 4 Muscle ups]
Max KB Swings in remaining time (53/35) [Advanced: 70/53]
*Start again on rower at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00; No Rest between rounds.  Score is total number of KB Swings.

WOD: 6/19/19

4 Rounds:

a) Dips x 30 Seconds
b) Alternating 1-Arm Step Back Overhead Kettlebell Lunge x 12 reps
c) Kettlebell Upright Row w/1-Second hold @ at top x 10-12 reps

3 Rounds of 3 Minutes Work/3 Minutes Rest:

250m Run [Advanced: 400m]
10 Thrusters (135/90)
Then, ME Double Unders with remaining time.

Push Finisher

WOD: 6/14/19

Kettlebell Snatch Technique Practice

For Time:
20 Power Cleans (135/85)
20 Goblet Squats (53/35)
20 Pull Ups
20 KB Snatch (53/35)
20 Knees-2-Elbows
20 Deadlifts (135/85)
20 Pushups – Hand Release
20 Jumping Lunges (R+L=1)
20 Air Squats
20 Toes-Thru- Rings
20 Hip Extensions
20 Burpees
*Compare to 6/15/18.

FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Believe it or not, “Knees-to-Elbows” actually means that your knees should go to your elbows.  Weird, right?  All kidding aside, let’s do a great job with range of motion today for each movement.  There are lots of spots to cheapen your ROM for the sake of a good whiteboard score (Famous Examples: “Knees-2-Armpits,” “Hand Release Snake Ups,” “Air Humps,” and “Deadlift and Free Drop Every Rep”)  Resist that urge; instead, embrace the proper movement.  Stabilize, slow down, rest, lighten the load.  Do whatever it takes to ensure that you are going all the way down and all the way up while maintaining good positions.

WOD: 6/13/19

5 Rounds:
a) Overhead Squat w/3-second pause @ bottom x 3 Reps
b) Suitcase Deadlift w/landmine x 3 Reps each side

For Time:
400m Run
21 push press (115/75)
21 pull ups
400m run
15 push press (135/95)
15 pull ups
400m run
9 push press (155/105)
9 pull ups
Advanced: C2B Pull Ups

Alternating Tabata for 6 rounds (12 total intervals):
Superman hold

WOD: 6/12/19

3-4 Rounds:
A) Weighted Dips x 8 Reps
B) Single Arm KB Row x 8 Each Arm
C) Single Leg Straight Leg Deadlift x 8 Each Leg

Hang Power Cleans (135/95) [Advanced: 155/105]
Wallballs (20/14) [Advanced: 30/20]
Calorie Row
*Rest 2 Minutes between Rounds
*Compare to 5/23/18.

3 Rounds:
A) Ring Roll Outs x 10 Reps
B) Russian Twists – slow x 30 Seconds

WOD: 6/7/19

4 Rounds:
A) Bench Press x 4 Reps, Climbing
B) Banded Lateral Walk x 10m each direction

15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar
15 Power Cleans (135/90) [Advanced: 165/115]
15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar
15 Front Squats (135/90)
15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar
15 Push Jerks (135/90)
15 Lateral Burpee Over Bar

*Compare to 6/8/18

4 Rounds
a) Incline Dumbbell Chest Fly x 8-10 Reps
b) Double Overhead Tricep Extensions x 8-10 Reps
Then, 2 sets of dips to failure.

WOD: 6/6/19

5 Rounds:
a) Overhead Squat x 5 Reps, climbing
b) D-Ball baby carry x 120′

15 Minute AMRAP:
Starting with 3 reps, climb the ladder:
Strict Pull Ups
Strict Handstand Push Ups
150m Run
*3 reps on the first round, 4 reps on the 2nd round…
*Your score is the number (of reps) of the round you FULLY COMPLETED, plus any remainder. Compare to 6/7/18

Pull finisher