WOD: 9/17/19

1a) Close Grip Bench Press: 4 x 5

1b) DB Hammer Curls: 4 x 10

3 Rounds:
750/600m Meter Row
20 Push Ups
20 Toes-To-Bar

1) 5 minutes of handstand Practice (wall climbs, shoulder touches, HS walk, etc.)

2) 5 Minutes of total body global foam rolling *Pick 2-3 spots and spend 60-90s on each.

10 thoughts on “WOD: 9/17/19

  1. BRIAN M 17:24 RX
    MATT VH. 🙂
    KAATHY. 20:09 B/
    NEIL 18:28 RX
    DUSTIN 16:21 RX BIKE
    DAVID 17:56 K
    CARLOS. 21:13 K2E
    JEN H. 20:48. B/ROM
    STEVE H. 18:59 K
    FRANCES. 19:31. SAT/SU/B
    SABRINA 20:29 B/RINGS 15
    IVAN. 20:32 B/V
    GISELLE. 18:20. K/B
    VIVIANA 19:46 K/B
    GREG 16:03 RX BIKE
    MICHELLE E. 17:06 SI/SKI 500/B
    ARTUR. 18:51/ FLOW RX

    JULIE 18:49 RX+ 750M
    PAUL 🙂
    SAIRA 18:45. B/V
    ALICIA. 18:55 B
    SASHAE. 18:20 ROM/K
    BEA 23:00 B/K
    JEFF. 16:33 RX

    ERIC 20:10 RX
    MONI. 17:2 K
    RICH. 19:50 RX
    SEAN 🙂
    JEN. 19:28. B/V
    ROSA 18:00 B/S
    MERCI 🙂
    CAM. 16:13 RX
    AUSTIN. 19:35 K
    TROST. 15:30. RX
    MERISSA. 15:26. RX

    JOHN. 15:10 RX
    GOODWIN. 17:21 RX
    RITU. 21:31. K/B
    PAT 18:26 RX
    SUE 16:36. B/V
    CUTTONE. 14:38. RX
    P.V. 19:21 K
    ASHLEY. 17:15. K/B
    ETHAN 15:42 RX
    RON 18:24 RX

    DAN. 14:04. MOD
    KATIE. 16:22 RX
    RICHIE. 🙂
    JOSE. 23:15. BIKE/V-UPS
    ERIC A. 19:49. RX
    RUEGER 15:57 RX
    AMY 17:15 BOX
    GINA. 17:06 ROW/KR
    AARON 19:10 RX
    SONIA. 16:47. VUPS/BOX
    SHAWN 14:54 RX
    KRISTIN 15:36 MOD
    SHANNON 16:50 KE/BOX
    MISSY 15:42. BOX/VUPS
    CHRIS H. 18:53. BOX/KR
    MAYA. 15:40 BOX/KR

    KARA. 19:25 KR
    CRUZ. 20:14
    IAN. 15:48 KR
    MARC. 14:23. KR
    ABRAHAM 16:59
    BRITTNEY. 19:23
    YESSENIA. 18:42 RX

    BELINDA. 21:20
    ALI 20:16 BENCH
    JAZMIN. 22:40 RX
    YER. 17”42 KR
    SHANNON. 19:44. BOX/VUPS
    RAJU. 19:44 KR
    PATTY 20:30 MOD
    MARIA. 🙂
    JEANNIE 21:29 BOX
    JESSICA 19:29 VUPS
    ANDRE. 18:28 RX
    SAM. 19:20
    FRITO. 14:40 RX
    CARLOS. 18:43 RX
    JULIAN. 15:29. RX
    KASEY. 19:14 KR/KNEE

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