WOD: 10/14/19

1) Tempo Deadlift: Build to a tough set of 3 in 7 sets with a 4-second descent
– 7 TOTAL sets

2a) Front Squat: Build to Conditioning Weight.
2b) Bar Muscle-ups or Scaling Option Warm Up

”Johnny B-Good”
30 Front Squats (155, 105)
30 Bar Muscle-ups

10:00 Time Cap

Scaling Alternate:
3 Rounds:
10 Front squats (as heavy as possible with good technique)
10 Ring Rows (as difficult as possible with good technique)
10 perfect push ups

Extra Credit
DB Single Leg RDL w/support: 3 x 10
Advanced: Glute Ham Raises – accumulate 30-50 reps.