WOD: 12/28/19

Work to a heavy Snatch or Clean & Jerk

”Strongman Saturday”
– Heavy Sledpush
– Heavy Farmer Carry
– Stone to Shoulder or Over shoulder
– Slosh Press/Hold
– Tire Flips
– Heavy DBall Carry against stomach
– Wheelbarrow
– Yoke Carry
*Done as AMRAP 20 with stations. Athletes can choose how much work to perform of each
*You are NOT limited to only these options

*Alternate Workout:
AMRAP 20 with a partner:
50 Meter Farmer Carry (70, 53)
10 Reverse Goblet Lunges (53, 35) (10 reps each leg)
10 1-Arm KB Rows (53, 35) (10 reps each arm)
*One athlete completes a FULL round at a time while their partner rests.