WOD: 2/10/20

Deadlift: Build to a 5RM touch n go set in 6 sets. Rest 2:30
– Goal: Build to 80-85% of 1RM if known. You should have a plan on how to progress

3 RFT:
15 Power Cleans (95, 65)
15 Thrusters (95, 65)
– Goal: Hard effort – resting between sets to complete big sets with the barbell. This workout should
feel similar to ”Fran” – loading should be light/fast.
Rx+:(115, 75)
7:00 Time Cap

Extra Credit
1a) Tempo Hip Extensions w/3 second hold @ top and 3 second descent: 3×12.
1b) Banded Pull-throughs: 4 x 15

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