WOD: 2/17/20

8:00-9:00 AM: Skill Clinic – “Mastering the Jerk”
9:00-10:00 AM: Regular Class
3:30-4:30 PM: Regular Class

The skill clinic is for all CFM athletes who would like to attend – FREE!  Come join us for drills and skill work for mastering the push jerk and split jerk.  We will also spend some time on the clean, but primarily focused on fine-tuning your technique for the jerk.  Please RSVP at CFM so we can properly prepare for enough athletes.


10 Russian KB Swing (70, 53)
10 Goblet Squats (70, 53)
10 Burpees
– Goal: Don’t underestimate this one – find a pace that allows you to work for 10 minutes with minimal
rest breaks. KB weight choice should be heavy.

Extra Credit
1) Glute March x 5:00 max reps
2) 1 Mile Sledpull Powerwalk Carrying a Medball For time
– 1/2 BW on sled + 30-50# medball against stomach

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