CFM COVID Plans and Procedures

CrossFit Merced (CFM)

COVID Operations Plan, Guidelines & Criteria


*Plans for distancing can be seen Here.

If you are experiencing any symptoms that could be related to COVID-19 such as fever, cough, shortness of breath and/or lung/internal chest tightness, we ask you to please stay home.

If you have an underlying health condition which has been linked to more difficult COVID outcomes (if contracted) such as heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes or over the age of 65 – we strongly encourage you to consult with your physician before entering/utilizing CFM.

All CFM members/guests/staff are strongly encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer (even though we CFM will provide hand sanitizer at 5 stations) and monitor their own health – and stay home if they are ill in any way.


When CFM is open, front door/doors will remain open to limit touching of that common surface

Sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer before or immediately upon entering CFM. CFM will provide hand five – (5) sanitation stations through facility including two – (2) stations at the main entrance/exit.

– Do not touch your face with your hands inside CFM

– Sneeze and/or cough into your shirt or your elbow when in CFM

– Staff will temperature check all entrants with a forehead scanner. Those with elevated temps (above 99.4 F) will not be allowed entry and asked to monitor their temperature before coming back to CFM.

CFM staff member will check athletes in through the WODify app/software

– All entrants must practice min 6 feet social distancing while in the CFM facility. This includes pre class warmup/ stretching, socializing, post workout warm down/mobilization/auxiliary work, etc.

When class starts – participating members will choose and use a designated, marked off 200 square foot workout area. Each workout area area is your won personal workout space will be equipped with its own equipment and sanitation supplies including specialized equipment sanitizer for viruses like COVID and microbial fabric rags compatible with the specialized sanitizer for equipment cleaning.

All equipment used and touched by member during class

will be sanitized by member at the end of class and returned to its proper original location.

After putting sanitized equipment away, member will sanitize their hands again, either with hand sanitizer or washing their hands thoroughly with hand soap and warm water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Continue to practice minimum 6 feet social distancing while in the CFM facility as described above

Common use areas will be designated and have social distancing space for use by one person at a time. Such areas include equipment storage areas, water fountain, and bathrooms.

Staff break/Office room/back desk area will be limited to CFM staff only

– Staff will sanitize common touched surfaces before each class such as restroom doors handles, water fountain, etc.

– All entrants are encouraged to bring their own drinking water to limit use of the water fountain, a common touch area.

We take you health very seriously – please provide us with any feedback you believe will help us be the best we can be related to sanitation and hygiene.

Thank You,

Matt & John

CFM Management

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  1. Sooooooo we can assume the burpee over partner movement probably won’t be in the programming any time soon ehhh?

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