Welcome back CFM Family! We can’t wait to see you all. Tomorrow will be a little different. We will spend the beginning of each session explaining many things including how we are going to be operating each session from beginning to end. It will all take some getting used to. We will then warm up, workout together and cleanup together. Thank you all for your patience and support through this trying time. The future is bright, let’s embrace the present and move forward. We are going to ease ourselves back into shape after many of us had an exercise layoff (less frequent and intense than before we had to take a break). So lets be careful and patient with our continued fitness journey and make sure we all remain healthy as we progress.

The intention of todays workout is to get a barbell in everybody’s hand and get moving at a moderate weight. Keeping in mind the last 2 days of “Murph” movements and Friday we are programming a half “Murph” (un-weighted), his is a perfect workout to squeeze in the middle and leave us recovered for Fridays half hero WOD.

Core Warm Up

Tabata 4 rounds Each

Hollow Hold – followed by Superman Hold

WOD – for time

“3 Hundo”

100 Barbell Hang Power Cleans (45#/35#)

100 Barbell Strict Press (45#/35#)

100 Barbell Bent Over Rows (45#/35#)

*scaling – scaling barbell weight downward is fine.

1 thought on “5/7/2020

  1. ANDRES 12:48 55
    SLATE 10:38
    STEVE 12:37
    NIEL 11:37
    CARLOS 🙂
    BRET 15:01
    DJ 15:17
    DUSTIN 14:27
    GREG 13:06
    PAUL 🙂
    BRITTNEY 14:#5
    KATHY 14:41 25

    BRIAN 9:55 55
    MATT VH 🙂
    RAQUEL 🙂
    TROST 13:00 55

    PANYIA 16:45
    SEAN 16:11
    APRIL 13:02
    BONDI 17:10
    MATT D 10:47

    CAM 11:10
    ANDREW 14:49
    CHRIS 15:11
    CUTTONE 10:39
    AMY 15:59
    SUE 15:01
    MATT 14:17
    ANDREA 14:13

    LISA 15:13
    ERIC 15:15
    MAYA 12:33
    SHANNON 15:41
    HARLEY 9″51
    MERIDETH 15:45
    DAN 13:30 75
    PAUL 19:56
    KRISTEN 15:29
    SHAWN 12:09

    MERCI 16:30
    MAT O 17:35

    ROCCO 10:57
    SHANNON 12:24
    JOHN 10:10
    WYATT 11:30

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