Strength – 8/24/2020

Hello, all.

As you’ve probably noticed, air quality is bad. Really, really bad. So bad, in fact, that (through much discussion and deliberation) we have decided to call an audible this week and not program any metcons.

We understand this will be disappointing to many of you. But we also hope you understand we are making this decision for your benefit and well-being. Crossfit is not simply about working as hard as you can every single day. It is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and we genuinely believe that breathing this air, especially in the way we breathe during our workouts, is harmful, ultimately, to your health.

This week we will shift our focus to strength and Olympic lifting sessions, as well as focusing on some gymnastics movements we don’t often get a chance to emphasize. We will attempt to minimize the effects on the respiratory system while still building capacity by increasing strength and skill in gymnastics.

We genuinely believe this will be a fun week. We humbly ask you to trust the process and put in the work!

EVERY 1:30 x 7 SETS
1 Clean Deadlift +1 Below the Knee High Pull +
1 Below the Knee Hang Power Clean +
1 Above the Knee Hang Power Clean
*Start light and build to moderate.
(Score is Weight)

10 Minutes to find a max (for the day) power clean from the floor

Accumulate 50 front rack Forward lunges (115/75) in as many sets as needed

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