Anthony DeJager – Owner/Head Coach

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Anthony and Jen decided to open CrossFit Merced because they want to get people fit and deliver CrossFit to the community.  They started CrossFitting in their garage in 2010.  They believe that functional fitness is a lifestyle that can make you better in all aspects of your life.  Austin, Luke, Payton and Gwen, their children, make them proud every day.

Anthony believes that in life, you get out what you put in.  He believes the same about CrossFit – Hard work delivers results.  He is adamant about perfecting movement patterns in himself and in his clients because an athlete’s capacity ceiling is primarily impacted by the quality of their movement.  Anthony is fascinated by human movement, and has the rare ability to recognize nuanced patterns in clients, which he can address for each specific individual.

Anthony has a background in Strength and Conditioning programs during his time playing college football at Azusa Pacific University.  Though kettlebells are dear to Anthony’s heart, the Olympic Barbell is his favorite fitness tool.  Aside from being the head coach at CrossFit Merced, he is currently an attorney at Berliner Cohen here in town.  When he’s not at the gym or school, Anthony prefers to spend his time at home with his family and dogs.

Anthony is an L-1 and L-2 Certified CrossFit Trainer.  He has attended the “CrossFit Coaches Prep Course,” “Outlaw Training Camp,” “Paoli Freestyle Gymnastics Course,” and many other instructional and nutrition seminars.  Anthony is also a USAW certified Olympic weightlifting instructor.

Anthony’s competitive CrossFit accomplishments include:
2011 FTF affiliate challenge – 4th place.
2011 Amazing Grace (Parabellum) – 1st place.
2011 Haiti Decathlon (Combat Fitness) – 1st place.
2012 CrossFit Open – 42nd place in region.
2012 CrossFit Games NorCal Regional – 21st place.
2012 FTF affiliate challenge – 2nd place.
2012 Karen Meets Grace (Parabellum) – 1st place.
2012 Haiti Decathlon (Combat Fitness) – 1st place.
2013 CrossFit Open – 43rd place in region.
2013 CrossFit Games NorCal Regional – 34th place.
2013 Tomato WOD Massacre (Los Banos) – 1st place
2014 Moxie Madness – Fresno – 2nd Place


Matt Davis – Owner/Coach

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Matt Davis is a L-1 and L-2 Certified CrossFit trainer.  After graduating from Fresno State with his bachelor’s degree in English Literature, Matt moved back to Merced and began teaching and coaching baseball at Le Grand High School, where he worked for 4 years before moving into ministry. Although he has always been active and involved in sports, he says his passion for overall, functional fitness didn’t come alive until discovering CrossFit in late 2010.  Over the last 2 years especially, he has fallen in love with the barbell, and geeks out on watching people hit PR’s in the snatch and clean and jerk.

Outside of CrossFit, Matt loves to longboard, snowboard, wakeboard, wake surf, hike, and play guitar. Matt is married to his best friend Maya, and together they have 4 kids; Isaiah, Joshua, Carina, and Sophia. Although CrossFit is one of his passions, he admits his faith in Jesus Christ and his family come before anything else in life.


Jenifer DeJager – Owner/Coach

Jen began coaching classes shortly after her and Anthony started CrossFit Merced in 2010.  Jen has a background as a competitor and coach in gymnastics, acro & tumbling, and competitive cheer.  Jen’s experience and expertise allows her to be one of the most well rounded fitness professionals in the region.   She takes pride in her ability to recognize and correct dysfunctional movement, especially in regard to joint health, posture, and mobility.  Jen is an expert in scaling prescribed work loads to deconditioned athletes, beginners and those with ailments, and is uniquely qualified to coach in many specialized areas, including those who pregnant, postpartum, handicapped, and children.  She also is one of our best coaches for our elite level athletes due to her experience with national championship level acro & tumbling teams.

Jen is a certified CF L-1, CF L-2, Mobility, Gymnastics, and Yoga trainer, and continues to advance her fitness education journey by regularly taking classes and seminars to expand her skills.  Jen is also one of our primary nutrition experts, and regularly works with clients to improve body composition via practical and useful habits.  Jen is regularly seen with her children, providing them with a perfect example of a powerful and positive role model.  Jen prefers to motivate others by encouraging them to make simple and effective healthy lifestyle changes, the best of which is becoming a consistent athlete at CrossFit Merced.

Jen recognizes beauty in strength. She believes modern fitness culture has pampered women too much.  “There is no firming and toning – only stronger or weaker.  Women can be expected to lift heavy things, run fast, and compete.”  She thinks that no matter where you are in your fitness goals, she can help you improve your abilities.

Harley Hermosillo


Husband, father, lover of life and people. Levels 1 and 2 CrossFit certifications.  Says Harley: “CrossFit Merced changed the way I approached fitness and in many ways enhances the quality of my life.  Being one of the first 5 members at CFM has allowed me to grow as an athlete and a coach!  Being coachable doesn’t stop when you become a coach, as a matter of fact it’s a more important trait once you start!  I love the community of Crossfit, I love the challenges is brings, and most of all I love what you learn about yourself!  I’m a blessed person who gets to share that with the CFM community!  About me: in my spare time I have a full time job as a Hair studio owner (hUE) and Stylist in downtown Merced. I also have an amazing wife, Merideth,  and 5 children that keep me grounded and loved!  Basically I’m just Livin the Dream!”

Merissa Bondi


Bio coming soon!

Gus Sanchez

Gus is a lifelong Merced resident who has been participating in CrossFit since 2013. He became a certified L1 coach in 2015 and also holds an L-2 and Mobility Certification. Attended “The Outlaw weightlifting” seminar. Gus has spent his entire life competing and excelling in high level athletics, particularly in baseball, for which he has received numerous awards and recognition for his performance at every level from youth baseball through college. Gus has been able to funnel that same drive and determination to CrossFit where he utilizes his tremendous level of passion, hard work, and dedication to help himself and his members achieve their goals and reach their maximum potential.

Gus also understands that there is more to CrossFit than just WODs. CrossFit is a supportive community full of positive energy and camaraderie. That’s why Gus always brings an uplifting attitude to the gym providing encouragement to his teammates and ensuring a great experience every time.  Gus loves to travel play recreational softball, golf, basketball, ping pong, volleyball and pretty much any game pool, spikeball etc…

Gus’s accomplishments include:
2014 Eric Lee Gilmore memorial remember Haiti skills challenge 1st place overall; 1st place team row-a-thon
2014 Holiday Throwdown partner 1st place
2015 Haiti decathlon 1st place
2015 barbell rodeo
2015 Palmdale summer slam 3rd place
2015 caffeine and kilos invitational
2016 holiday throw down 3rd place partner
2017 barbell rodeo 1st place partner Chowchilla
2017 barbell rodeo 2nd Los Banos
2017 Iron October competed
2018 Valentine’s Day throw down west Visalia
2018 new era throw down 5th place
Finished the 2018 crossfit games open in the 98th percentile in the world

Jeff Cole