Getting Started

Getting started here at CrossFit Merced is very simple. Contact Us to sign up Onboarding. Onboarding will introduce you to some of the basic movements that you will find in CrossFit workouts. All members new to CrossFit are required to participate in Onboarding. This is four -(4) sixty minute, group sessions with a Crossfit L1 Trainer that will bring you up to speed on what we do, and how we do it. This is required for everyone that has not done CrossFit before. You will be trained fundamentals of CrossFit, and as introduced to several other movements that you will encounter in our workouts.
After you have completed the completed your Onboarding class, you will be ready to attend any of our classes, at whatever time you should choose. Check out our Schedule .
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Our classes are usually an hour long, giving us time for a warm up, training time for instruction on the days workout, and the workout itself. New people will be expected to remember what they are taught, and focus on good technique and movement. CrossFit is famous for the intensity of the workouts, and that will come. Learn to move right, then you can learn to move fast. See our schedule for more info on class times.

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All workouts are scalable.  This means that you will be able to complete any workout, despite your skill level.  Essentially, it is you against the WOD.  Advanced athletes are expected to perform at high intensity and will be given a large work load.  Those with disabilities, and de-conditioned athletes will be given scaled-down version of the WOD, but do not be mistaken… everybody will be expected to work hard!

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