CrossFit Merced is home to men and women of all ages with a variety of athletic and non-athletic backgrounds.  We offer small group classes led by certified trainers (at a fraction of the cost of any other personal training out there). Our fitness programming presents athletes of all levels with mental and physical challenges which we know from real-world evidence will produce better results than any other program out there. Please note that we scale (adjust) our workouts to your current level of fitness.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit benefits everyone from the couch potato to the elite athlete.  We believe fitness means being able to perform well in different movements and different time intervals.  CrossFit athletes can perform well in a variety of different events.  Our programming delivers clear results which are measurable and comparable.  We burn fat like crazy and create the world’s best athletes with a scientifically-backed, evidence-based approach to fitness. CrossFit is designed around the following concepts:

•    Constantly Varied: Routine is the enemy and neglects key development areas. Wonder why you spend hours in a traditional gym with no results? Your body gets really good at doing one routine at the expense of becoming a well-rounded athlete.

•    Functional Movements: We mix together functional full-body exercises that mimic you lifting things off the ground, sitting and standing, pulling and pushing in the real world.  In the gym, this means movements like cleans, jerks, snatches, squats, pullups, deadlifts, muscle ups, rowing and running, because your body is made for them.

•    Done at High Intensity: Our workouts rarely last longer than 20 minutes because, based on firm scientific research, high intensity training burns more fat and develops strength and conditioning better than traditional training programs.

What Will CrossFit Merced Offer me?

•    Small-group, semi-private classes provide a careful and customized approach to your unique fitness abilities and goals
•    Certified trainers teach you new functional movements and motivate you throughout the process
•    Short workouts lasting typically under 20 minutes
•    Organic fitness – use your body and its mechanics, not overbuilt machines, to achieve results that help you in the real world
•    Variety – you will not be bored – our workouts are rarely repeated
•    Measurable results which improve over time and increase performance in any sport(s) in which you participate

What is a WOD

We refer to our daily workouts as “Workouts of the Day” or a WOD, and these will be updated the night before the workout.

What is RX?

RX refers to performing a WOD at the prescribed (RX’ed) weight, repetition, and/or time.  RX should be used as the highest weight possible and you will likely need to reduce the workout, with the guidance of our trainers, to a level that’s appropriate for you.
What if I don’t know a movement or the weight is too heavy?
We design our workouts under the assumption that MOST PEOPLE cannot complete them as prescribed.  We want our athletes to learn the exercises safely and that often means reducing the weights to an appropriate level which should be decided upon by one of our trainers.

Why is membership more expensive than In-Shape City/Planet Fitness or other “Globo-Gyms”?

The short answer is “it’s not.”  The cost of Merced’s gyms and health clubs don’t include personalized small group training.  They can have thousands of members because they know you won’t use the gym.
Our prices reflect our commitment to offering you the best possible personal fitness training in all of Merced.  Think about how much small group sessions or personal training sessions cost you ($20 to $100/hour).  At CrossFit Merced, we charge our members who attend regularly an equivalent of less than $10 per class which is a great deal.
Remember, we don’t just show you a machine and tell you to use it, we work with you, teach you new movements, focus on your specific goals and make sure that you are reaping the benefits of CrossFit.

I’m a woman.  I don’t want to get big and bulky like those women on tv?

There is a common misconception that lifting weights will gives women massive shoulders and huge arms.  With CrossFit, you will have better tone and build lean muscle mass, but you won’t look like a body-builder, we promise.
I’m a runner, cyclist, golfer, tennis player, etc., why should I do CrossFit?
Every specialized athlete has clear deficiencies.  CrossFit will target your weaknesses and improving these areas will make you a dramatically better sport-specific athlete.

Is CrossFit a franchise?

CrossFit represents a community of certified trainers and affiliates who have dedicated themselves to developing the best fitness program in the world.  We have to pay a fee to use the CrossFit name and all of our trainers have been through official CrossFit certifications.  We receive a benefit by being part of this community and think it’s well worth it. Unlike a franchise, we don’t have to operate our business in any specific way, so we’ve designed CrossFit Merced with your needs in mind.

Why do you publish workouts for free?

We want to make our programming as accessible as possible to athletes whether or not they workout at our gym.  We want to open ourselves up to Merced and hope all athletes can participate in the program.  Just be careful with some of the exercises, because you can hurt yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.


What should I eat?

Put simply, eat fresh vegetables,  meats, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  Minimize intake of processed foods. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.

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