Coach John

Owner/Head Coach
Coach John


  • John holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with an emphasis in water management and hydraulics.


A local in Merced County his entire life, John has been an active CrossFit athlete at this gym/box for over 6 years. Upon completing his L1 certification, John was a volunteer coach. When the opportunity presented itself John and his wife purchased the gym from its founders and have been owners since March of 2020. He is very present at the gym as an assistant coach/owner and strives to help people begin and sustain their functional fitness journey. He is always striving to improve the gym in any way he can, wanting this gym to be the “go to gym” in the area, including having the best coaching team around. John juggles a career and is a member of the local high school board when he is not enjoying the community atmosphere, workouts and members at NCFIT Merced / CrossFit Merced.

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