WOD 2/11/15 and YOGA!

YOGA @ 10am today! (and again at 8am on Saturday)

For the rest of February, Yoga is absolutely for CFM members. Want to bring a friend? Cool, they’re free, too. We want everyone to be able to experience the benefits of this amazing program.

We will roll out pricing in a week or so, but for now, join us at no cost. Let’s get flexible!

1RM Clean

5 Power Cleans, 135/85
10 Box Jumps, 24/20″
15 Wallballs, 20/14

WOD 2/9/16

“Bring Sally Up”

With the Moby song “Flower” playing, you simply follow the instructions. While the athletes in this video use 135/95, we recommend using a lighter weight. :) Enjoy!

Row for Calories
Thrusters (95/65)

WOD 2/8/16 and a THANK YOU from Matt

By now many of you have heard that I was in a pretty serious car accident on Wednesday. While they are minor, I am still recovering from the injuries I sustained that day. My truck is totaled, but Sophia and I are alive and breathing and thanking God for another day on earth. My sincerest and deepest thanks go out to our friends and firefighters, especially Jeff Cole and Jeff Trost, who were quickly on the scene to take care of us. Those men put themselves in danger’s way everyday, and don’t get enough credit for what they do.
I’d also like to say thank you to all of you who prayed, sent texts and calls my way, and for all the offers of help for my family. I am humbled by the love and support I’ve received the last 4 days, and grateful for you. Blessed is not a word I use lightly or often, but after Wednesday it is certainly the most appropriate on I can think of. I love CrossFit Merced, and you who make it what it is!


WOD 2/8/16
Work up to a heavy (but not maximal) Power Clean

5 minutes of max reps of Burpee Box Jump Overs, 24/20
5 minute rest
4 minutes to run 800m (run quickly; any remaining time within this 4 minute window is rest)
4 minute rest
3 minutes of max reps of Power Clean, 135/95
3 minute rest
2 minutes of max reps of Wall Balls, 20/14
2 minute rest
1 minutes of max reps of Max unbroken C2B/or regular Pull-Ups (once you come off the bar, you’re done!)



8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: yoga

8:30 AM – 10:00: open gym/weightlifting

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM: bring a friend Team WOD

Its the first Saturday of the month! Bring your friends to try a CrossFit workout.


closed. Have a super day.

WOD 2/4/16

Midline Accessory Work
A. 4×6 Single Leg RDL
B. 4×30 Second weighted plank hold

With a Partner AMRAP 16:
2-4-6-8-10-12*… Clean and Jerks, 155/105 (1 bar per team, reps are a total number for a team)
*after each round complete: 10 C2B Pull Ups and a 20 HSPU

**For example, in round 1, Alison does 1 CJ then Sara does 1 CJ. Then Alison and Sara alternate complete 10 C2B total (they may apportion reps as needed). Then, they both do 20 HSPU total (they may apportion reps as needed. That is round one.

WOD 2/3/16 and YOGA?!?

Hey Friends – in keeping with the string of new developments, this week we will be implementing a CFM yoga class! With our new and expanded facility, we plan on adding a few more programs in the near future, but one thing at a time:

As this is somewhat of a new thing at CrossFit Merced, this week’s yoga classes are FREE to members. Join us for one of two trial sessions…

This Thursday, 10am we will be meeting in the CFM main building for our first yoga session with Jane Villegas, who has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and instructing for more than 3 years.

We understand not everyone can make it at this time, so we will also be meeting at 8am on Saturday, February 6th. Anyone looking to come lift during our normal “open session” time, beginning at 8:30am, is certainly welcome, as one of our two buildings (yet to be determined) will be designated specifically for lifting during that time.

As the yoga program gains speed and more interest is developed, we will be offering a monthly “add-on” rate for members who’d like to continue with it, with prices to be announced soon.

Our hope is that many of you will join us and see the benefits of getting mobile. Here is an explanation from Jane:

“Yoga is a combination of breathing techniques, postures, and meditation. Adding yoga to your existing training techniques is proven to do amazing things; yoga improves muscular flexibility and tendon elasticity and regular yoga practice is scientifically proven to slow the rate at which DNA is lost as we age. Come to class and experience for yourself this time proven art of mindfulness and movement.

I love yoga because yoga has helped me to become a stronger person physically and mentally. I truly believe that yoga increases strength and endurance in weight training, aerobic capacity, balance and agility. I am happy to be teaching at Crossfit!”


Thrusters 10×3 (climbing as you are able)

9 Power Snatches, 95/65
15 Power Cleans,
21 Jerks
OHS with any available time

4 minutes rest, then

7 Thrusters
7 Burpee-over-Bar

WOD 2/2/16

EMOMx10: 1 Snatch – you choose the weight

3 RFT:
15 Burpee Pull ups
15 Front Squats, 135/95
15 Box Jumps, 24/20

*Rx+ option: do 20 reps of each movement per round, and front squats at 155/115

**if you are scaling the pull-ups, do ALL 15 burpees, then ALL 15 scaled (band/Ring row) pull ups

***good luck :)

WOD 2/1/16

Front Squat 3×10 (climbing)

Run 400m, then

Dead Lift, 185/125 (Rx+ 225/155)
Push Ups

then, Row 500m

Cash Out:
1 Min of max rep Double unders
rest 1 minute
30 seconds of max rep Double unders

2016 Haiti Decathlon Results

Thank you to everyone who supported the Haiti Decathlon!  The day was a great success.  We made some new friends, had a great time, and raised a bunch of cash for Christian Friendship Ministries.  Matt and Anthony want to offer our warm thanks to everyone who contributed positive attitudes, encouragement, amazing effort, and financial contributions to the event.

As I reflect on the greatness that I was able to be a part of today, I can’t help but appreciate the legacy of Ericlee Gilmore.  Ericlee started the event as a cross-over between 2 of his primary passions.  He loved his ministry in Haiti, and he loved fitness.  We will continue to miss Ericlee, but we are grateful to be able to continue this wonderful tradition.

Congratulations to each of our winners:
Men: Chris Beery (1st), Brian Huberty (2nd), Harley Hermosillo & Jared Oestman (3rd – tie)
Women: Alexa Lawler (1st), Katie Hollenback (2nd), Sid Anderson (3rd)

Masters Men: Jason Martin (1st), Ron Ewing (2nd), Scott Dover (3rd)
Masters Women: Julie Coonce (1st), Luciana Jonkman (2nd), Nicole Stephens (3rd)

Scaled Men: Spencer Stephens & Dave Hunwardsen (1st – tie), Harley Hermosillo Jr (3rd)
Scaled Women: Maureen Freitas (1st), Tricia Campos (2nd), Shawna Roland (3rd)

The leaderboards are fascinating.  A few more/less reps in any one movement could have moved you up or down several places.  Also interesting is that the total points are not necessarily indicative of overall performance. Chris Beery’s performance was especially impressive; he got first place in 6 out of 10 movements.  His margin of victory between first and second place was 52 points, which greater than the amount of points between 2nd and 11th place.

Everyone who competed today should be proud of themselves.  It is difficult to put yourself in the arena.  You are vulnerable and there is nowhere to hide.  Whether or not you got the results you set out to achieve, you all deserve credit for your effort.  I respect you all.

Here is the 2016 Men Leaderboard

Here is the 2016 Women Leaderboard

Haiti Decathlon Pre-Event Information

Thank you for your interest in our event, the 6th Annual Haiti Decathlon.  We are expecting a wonderful turnout at CrossFit Merced on Saturday.  We are proud to be able to continue this event in the stead of CrossFit Combat Fitness’ Ericlee Gilmore, the event’s founder.  Ericlee is no longer with us, but his legacy is lasting.  While we are expecting some wonderful performances from the participants, our primary objective is to continue to support Ericlee’s ministry in Northern Haiti, Christian Friendship Ministries.

Your heat is now scheduled for Saturday.  Because of the format of the event, it is very important that you are ready for your start time.  You will be skipped if you are not ready, but it is possible to switch start times with another athlete (of the same gender) while keeping our format intact.

We will be open for athletes to registration from 8:00-8:50 AM. We will have our athlete briefing/warmup at 8:30.  Athlete briefing is not mandatory for athletes.  Our range of motion standards are strict, but they are consistent with the CrossFit Open.  If you are comfortable with range of motion standards, you do not have to be at the briefing.  Please print your own Decathlon Liability Waiver before you arrive on Saturday in order to expedite registration.

One of the athletes, Sarah Lindblom of CrossFit Oakdale will be selling hand made wrist wraps at the event.  Be sure to find Sarah if this is something you are looking for!

We expect to wrap up the entire event by 12:35 PM.

Feel free to email us at crossfitmerced@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Haiti Decathlon Schedule

Decathlon Liability Waiver

WOD 1/29/15

Today we will be spending lots of time mobilizing, taking care of our joints and muscles and preparing for the decathlon tomorrow. Let’s get flexy.


200m Run
10 Ab Mat Sit ups
10 Wallballs

at the 10:00
5 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean

*We are encouraging athletes who will be participating in tomorrow’s decathlon to put this workout on cruise control; move around, get sweaty, but don’t redline and don’t get silly. For anyone NOT registered for the decathlon, feel free to get silly.

WOD 1/28/15

2 Power Snatches every minute for 8 minutes – you choose the weight.

500m Row, into:
20 KB Swings, 53/35
40 Double Unders
Then, 500m Row

Accumulate 3 minutes handstand hold
Work on shoulder touches or handstand walk

WOD 1/27/16

As we stated earlier this week, we are rolling out a few pretty big announcements this week. The first, if you missed it, is that we are adding Holly Alcorn as a coach! We are SUPER excited to add her to our team, and she will be coaching TODAY!

OK, our second bit of big news: We have just acquired 800 square feet of space from the building next door to us, and this week we will begin outfitting that room for some new adventures! Barbell Club, CFM Kids, and CFM Yoga are all in the formative stages, but we are excited to get moving in that direction!

A. 5×5 Deadlifts *do not exceed 75% of your 1RM. Work on PERFECT form. Have a coach watch!
B. GHD Sit Ups. *we want these to be a warm up for the Haiti decathlon, the amount of reps is up to you, but don’t overdo it! Get enough reps to feel proper movement patters, but we do not want you to feel significant soreness! If you’re weary of doing too many, you can always do THESE – Hollow Rocks!

With a Partner:
40 Calorie Row
40 Box Jumps, 24/20
20 Burpees
30 Calorie Row
30 Box Jumps, 24/20
20 Burpees
20 Calorie Row
20 Box Jumps, 24/20
20 Burpees
10 Calorie Row
10 Box Jumps, 24/20
20 Burpees

*Only 1 person may work at a time, but reps and calories may be split/apportioned as needed.

WOD 1/26/16


Back squat w/ 3-second pause at bottom. 6×2, Climbing.


Squat cleans (135/95)
Ring dips
*scale weight and dips as needed!

Extra/Accessory Work

Row 3x500m @ 90% effort

Rest 1 minute between rounds

WOD 1/25/15

Before the WOD, some housekeeping items:
It’s come to our attention that we have become a little too lax with letting kids do, well…kid things. While we LOVE your kids (and ours!) and want them to be able to be at the gym with you, we need to ask that while we are working out, they stay in the Kids’ Corral. We want them to stay safe and we want you to be able to enjoy your workout!

Next, this week we will be rolling out some fantastic additions to our gym. Stay tuned for some great stuff!

WOD 1/25/15

High Hang Snatch 5×3, Climbing
*you MAY drop the bar between reps today if needed

Decathlon Prep!
Tabata – 7 Rounds

Wall Balls
Clean and Jerks (75/55)
Pull Ups

*20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Move through all 4 movements, 8 times.

WOD: 1/22/16

15 Minutes to work to a heavy complex:
2 Hang Cleans (full) with a 3 second hold at the bottom of the squat

Teams of 3 complete the following for time:
150 Front Squats, 135/95 (Modified: Scale load)
150 Handstand Pushups (Modified: Scale inversion angle)
150 Box Jump Overs/Step Overs, 24/20″
200 Pull ups  (Modified: Banded Pull Ups or Ring Rows)

WOD: 1/21/16

A. EMOM x 5:
2 Front Squats

B. EMOM x 5:
2 Back Squats

AMRAP 9 of:
Clean and Jerk, 135/95 (Modified: Scale load)
Toes-2-Bar  (Modified: hanging knee raises)

Once again, we are going to split up to count and judge for each other.  The practice will be beneficial to you as an athlete and judge.  Make it fun:  While judging, cheer on your athlete like a maniac.

WOD: 1/20/16

5 Minute “Cindy”
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

30 Minutes to work to a max of the following complex:
12 Dead Lifts + 9 Hang Power Cleans + 6 Push Jerks
You can drop the bar after the 11th dead lift to reset your grip, but must start the next rep within 1 second. Rest as needed between sets.  This is going to feel more like conditioning than strength work.  Try to add weight each set.

5 Minute “Cindy”
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats