WOD 3/24/17


The FINAL workout of the 2017 Open Season is thrusters and double unders. Lots of both. You can find all the details HERE

Now, we would LOVE all of you to come out to our final Friday Night Lights at 6pm. We are having our neighbors at Villas provide tacos for all of us! CFM will front the money, we just ask that you would consider throwing $5-$10 in the pot to help out 🙂 Again, this is a BYOB event! Also, feel free to bring any sides or desserts you might want to share. (NEREYDA, if you are reading this…CHOCOLATE RUM ICE CREAM?!?!)

We’ve had a blast and want to finish with a bang!

Next week we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming, but for tomorrow, our class times will be as follows:

Heats for FNL start at 6PM, and will go off about every 20 minutes until we are finished!

Thank you for such a great 5 weeks! CrossFit Merced is fantastic because of you!

WOD 3/23/17

Hey. Friday Night Lights is almost here. Will you be there??

Stretch Session!

20 Min of :40 work/:20 rest
4 Rounds of
Min 1: Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows
Min 2: Box Step Ups
Min 3: Shoulder Touches (wall or box)
Min 4: Med Ball Push Ups
Min 5: Walking Lunges

Once again, the goal here is NOT burnout, but to go through the full range of motion, get sweaty, but not overdo any single movement.

We appreciate your willingness to be flexible with programming this open season! As you might imagine, trying to give you a great workout while not knowing what each Friday will hold is a difficult and delicate art! We hope you have enjoyed working out these last 5 weeks with the expectation that these workouts will make you fit and more prepared for Friday’s open. Thank you for trusting us with your fitness

WOD 3/22/17

Well, it look like team Alexa and Demaris is gonna be hard to beat. They took first AGAIN in 17.4, and will have to really tank it this week for Team Holly and Matt to overtake them… See the standings on the whiteboard!

Strength –
A) 3×5 Suitcase Deadlifts
B) 3×10 Banded Lateral Walk
C) 3×5 Wall Climbs

Overhead Squats (95/65)
Bar-Facing Burpees

WOD 3/21/17 and plans for 17.5

Seriously, let’s make this big. This Friday night is our FINAL open even of the season, and we want everyone to be there. Our neighbors (Villas Mexican Restaurant) will be catering for us… We (CFM) will be fronting the cost for carne aside and grilled chicken tacos, and a small ($5-$10) donation is appreciated 🙂 If you plan on coming (and we absolutely hope you are), please sign up on the sheet at the gym so we have a good idea how much food to order! Heats start at 6pm, party goes until…?

Back Squat 5×3, heavier than last week

800m Run, then…

3 Rounds of
5 Ring Dips
10 KB Swings (70/53)
15 Ab Mat Sit Ups

…then 400m Run

WOD 3/20/17 and 17.4 Make Ups

First, we’d like to express our gratitude to Tony and Rosa Smith, as well as Jeff and Melanie Cole for organizing and cooking for our St. Patrick’s day 17.4 party, it was SUCH a fun night, and we couldn’t have done it without them! Great turn out, great people, great night!

Next, Today is the last day to do or redo 17.4. We’ll do our best to get you going while still running our regular programming!

Finally, this Friday is our LAST Friday Night Lights event of the open season. We want EVERYONE there! Our neighbors at Villa’s Mexican Restaurant will be catering, so let’s do it big one more time! More details to come throughout the week.

Strength –
a) 4×3 Push Jerk
b) 3×3 1 Minute Weighted Plank

12 Minute AMRAP
Cluster (Squat Clean Thruster) Ladder
10 Clusters (95/65)
40 Double Unders
10 Clusters (115/75)
40 Double Unders
10 Clusters (135/95)
40 Double Unders
Max Effort Ring Muscle Ups with remaining time

WOD 3/17/17 – St. Patrick’s Day Party!!

Tonight’s the night! We’ll be kicking off our St. Patrick’s Day edition of Friday Night Lights at 6pm, so come ready to work out, then stay for the fun!

As always during the open, our class schedule for Friday is as follows:
6pm Friday Night Lights

Oh. The workout is a repeat 🙂 Lots of deadlifts, wallballs, rowing, and hand stand push ups. You can check it out HERE.

Let’s do this!!

WOD 3/16/17

Tomorrow is the day! Let’s have a great turn out for our St. Paddy’s Party/Work out!!

Strength –
Bench Press 5×5, Climbing

Conditioning –
6x250m Row Sprint
*rest as needed between intervals. Score will be lowest and highest times.

WOD 3/15/17

Don’t forget, Friday is our St. Patrick’s Day 17.4 party! Sign up at the front desk and bring something to share 🙂

Strength –
20 Minutes to work to a heavy Clean and Jerk

Conditioning –
40 Box Jumps (24/20)
30 Kb Swings (53/30)
20 Pull Ups
20 Pull Ups
30 Kb Swings
40 Box Jumps

WOD 3/14/17, St. Patrick’s Day, and 17.4!

Listen, we only have 2 more Friday Night lights to go, so we are gonna do ’em up! THIS coming Friday is St. Patrick’s day. We’re gonna have green everything. The best St. Paddy’s workout costume, male and female will both receive prizes! Our friends Tony and Rosa are doing corned beef and cabbage, and it will be delicious. Also, we have a sign up sheet for things to bring on the front desk as you walk in, so PLEASE, make it a point to be there if at all possible this Friday! Who’s bringing dessert? Will there be paleo options? Who’s bringing sides? Let’s DO THIS! (as always, this is a BYOB event, but I’m sure if you showed up empty handed a friend would share with you!)

WOD 3/14/17
Strength –
5×3 Back Squat, Climbing

Conditioning –
Foundations, Day 2
400m Run
10 Front Squats (95/65)
10 Strict Press
10 Front Squats
10 Push Press
10 Front Squats
10 Push/Split Jerks
400m Run

WOD 3/13/17 and 17.3 make ups


Yo. THIS Friday night is St. Patrick’s Day, so we’re gonna do it up big. Green everything. Food and drinks. Look for more info and a sign up sheet for things to bring at the gym!

Also, today is our LAST day for completing or redoing 17.3! You will be permitted to perform this workout as long as A) you have a judge, and B) you are not interfering with our regular class schedule! Coaches will be available to help as much as possible, but will be focusing on regular programming.

Group Warm Up, then

25 Min alternating EMOM
5 Rounds of:
Min 1: 15-20 Wall Balls
Min 2: 6-8 Deadlifts (225/155)
Min 3: 20-40 Double Unders
Min 4: 12/15 Cal Row
Min 5: 8-12 Burpees

*The goal today is to get (very) sweaty and to work on efficiency in these movements. In other words, today is NOT a competition day, but a training day. Hit your target on the wallballs, stay tight in your deadlifts, work on stringing your double unders together – while doing it with an elevated heart rate. We have a feeling a few of these movements will be coming up in 17.4, so the goal is NOT burnout today, but efficiency!

WOD 3/10/17 is Open WOD 17.3

Snatches and Chest-to-Bar Pull ups, homies

HERE is the link. It’s a bit more complicated than the other Open WODs, so please familiarize yourself with it!

In addition, we at CFM are adding another option to this workout for our members. IF you are registered online, you MUST choose either Rx or scaled. However, if you aren’t, and are only competing on one of the 6 teams at CFM for fun, we have 3rd option – one we hope many of you choose, because it may be more appropriate of your fitness level. It fits neatly somewhere between the Rx version and the Scaled version HQ announced. Learn about it at the gym and see if it’s for you!

Remember, classes tomorrow are as follows:

THEN, Friday Night Lights starts at 6pm! Hope to see you then!

WOD 3/6/17 and 17.2 Make Ups

Today is our LAST day for completing or redoing 17.2! You will be permitted to perform this workout as long as A) you have a judge, and B) you are not interfering with our regular class schedule! Coaches will be available to help as much as possible, but will be focusing on regular programming ☺ Let’s have a great week!

15 Minutes to work to a heavy, but safe, split jerk.

With a Partner, for time
Accumulate these totals using any rep scheme necessary:
60 Thrusters
300 Double Unders
60 Burpees
*only one partner may work out at a time!

WOD 3/3/17 is OPEN 17.2

Dumbbells again, friends. Plus some other neat stuff. And by “neat” we mean toes to bar and bar muscle ups.

Check out HERE for workout details.

Again, we will be hosting Friday night lights! Heats begin at 6pm, so come in at 5:30 to warm up!

There will be NO 4:30 or 5:30 class today!!

WOD 3/1/17

What’s your prediction for 17.2? Post it in the comments. Person closest receives a high five from ALL CFM coaches!

Strength –
a) 4×3 DBall to Shoulder
b) 4×1 Minute Plank (weighted if necessary)
c) 4×5 Single Arm Shoulder Press w/ Landmine

Conditioning –
3 Rounds For Time
15 Wall Balls
12 Push Ups
9 Burpees
6 Box Jumps
3 Inside Laps

WOD 2/28/17 and the “I’m not your mother” speech

Ok, no speech necessary. But our coaches have been doing more than their fair share of cleaning up your messes. This is your friendly reminder to PLEASE put weights back where they go (10s and 15s on top rack, 25s and 35s in middle rack, 45s and 55s on bottom) and to put away your bands, ab mats, chalk, kettlebells, and boxes. Thank you 🙂


Strength –
12×1 Full Snatch

Conditioning –
4 Rounds for Time
20 Cal Row
12 Toes to Bar
12 Pistols

WOD 2/27/16 and 17.1 Make-Ups

Ok guys and girls, today is the LAST day to do 17.1. Couple things: first, YOU are responsible for getting a judge who knows the standards (there should be plenty in every class). Second, all make-ups and re-dos will have to be done on the CFM kids side of the wall. Coaches will help as much as possible, but will be mostly occupied with running classes. PLEASE, make it a point to get to a class BEFORE 4:30pm.

Again, this week we will be doing our very best to program in order to not interfere with Friday’s 17.2 workout. The only thing we know about it is that there won’t be dumbbell snatches or burpee box jumps.

Let’s have a great week!!



2) EMOM 6
5 Thrusters (95/65) + 5 C2B Pull Ups

3) Alternating Tabata (4 TOTAL rounds)
Double Unders
KB Swings

4) Cash Out
In teams of 3, complete 60 front squats for time. Athletes may choose load.