WOD 9/27/16

4 Thrusters (95/65) *advanced athletes may go heavier
**our focus for this session is SPEED THROUGH THE MIDDLE! We want to practice powerful and efficient thrusters, just in case Fran happens to come up in the next couple weeks!

For Time
30 cal row
30 push press (115/85)
30 burpees

WOD 9/20/16

Deadlift 3×8, Climbing
*disclaimer: our coaches WILL pull weight off your bar if you are compromising position! That being said, challenge yourself to lift heavy and lift well.

500m Row Buy in, then
3 Rounds for time
20 Push Ups
20 Air Squats
20 Pull Ups

WOD 9/16/16

If you’ve been following this week, you’ve noticed that each workout has been preceded on this site by a quote about struggle. And, if you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, you get it. It is HARD. You struggle. You have small victories here and there, but they don’t come without a fight. You put in hours at the gym to learn to snatch, do a handstand, get that first pull up or PR your back squat. These things don’t come easily – but when you think about it, how much more valuable are your little victories because you have worked so hard for them? They would be worth very little if you hadn’t EARNED them, sweated for them, and gave more than you thought you could.

My encouragement to you this week is to continue to work hard; to struggle through things to which you may not see a resolution yet. This is true both inside and outside of the gym. Continue to hold the standard.

25 Min AMRAP
10 Cal Row
10 Pistols (sub 20 air squats)
10 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Ring Dips
10 KB High Pulls (53/35)
250m Run

WOD 9/15/16

“Change is inevitable. Progression is a choice. We all move, but are you going to move forward?”
― Ricky Maye

1a) 5×3 Wall Climbs
1b) 4×10 GHD/4×15 ab mat sit ups

4 Rounds for Time
12 Cal Row
50’ Med Ball OH Walking Lunge (20/14)
15 Wall Balls

WOD 9/14/16

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow.”
― Thomas Paine

3×10 Back Squat, Climbing

12 Min Amrap
25 Double Unders
250m Run

*Increase HSPU by 5 reps each round

WOD 9/13/16

“Never throughout history has a man who lived a life of ease left a name worth remembering.”
― Theodore Roosevelt

10 Min EMOM
1 Full Snatch
Min 1-3 @ 70%
Min 4-6 @ 80%
Min 7-9 @ 85%
Min 10 @ 90-95%

3 Rounds for time
400m Run
21 Kb Swings (53/35)
12 Pull Ups

WOD 9/12/16

“Western culture has things a little backwards right now. We think that if we had every comfort available to us, we’d be happy. We equate comfort with happiness. And now we’re so comfortable we’re miserable. There’s no struggle in our lives. No sense of adventure. We get in a car, we get in an elevator, it all comes easy. What I’ve found is that I’m never more alive than when I’m pushing and I’m in pain, and I’m struggling for high achievement, and in that struggle I think there’s a magic. – Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon runner

1a) 3×15 Weighted Hip Extentions
1b) 3×8 Barbell/Ring Roll Outs
1c) 3×8 Strict Dumbbell Press

Full Cleans (135/90)
Bar-Facing burpees

WOD 9/9/16

24 Min Alternating Emom
1) 1 HEAVY Dead lift (about 85% of your 1RM)
2) 2 HEAVY Front Squats (about 75-80% of your 1RM)
3) 3 HEAVYish Bench Press (about 70-75% of your 1RM)
*No, this isn’t a typical strength session. You pick the weight, and it is certainly not something to speed through. Make GOOD lifts. Hold your positions well. Get stronger.

For TIme
800m Run

WOD 9/8/16

*There is no strength portion today for a couple pretty dang good reasons.
1) tomorrow’s strength portion is gonna be sweet.
2) We want to take an opportunity on today’s workout to count reps for each other and to cheer each other on.

Remember: HOLD THE STANDARD. Make your partner hits the range of motion standard on the squats and sit ups. Make them do great push ups. We all get better when the entire gym understands how and why we do what we do.

For Time
Double Baseline
1000m Row
80 Air Squats
60 Ab Mat Sit Ups
40 Push Ups
20 Pull Ups

WOD 9/2/16

Don’t forget to RSVP to our Labor Day party on Facebook! If you don’t have Facebook, just tell a coach you’re coming 🙂

4×4 Front Squat + 4 Thrusters

3 Rounds for Time
10 Burpee over Bar
10 Push Press/Jerk (115/75)
10 Hang Cleans
(ADV – add 3 Muscle Ups after each round)

1k Row + 800m Run