WOD: 4/23/15

1a) 1X ME Strict Bench Press at 80%
1b) 1X ME Strict Ring Rows
2a) 1x ME Strict Bench Press at 70%
2b) 1x ME Strict Ring Rows
3a) 1x ME Strict Bench Press at 60%
3b) 1x ME Strict Ring Rows
4a) 1x ME Strict Bench Press at 50%
4b) 1x ME Strict Ring Rows


3 rounds for time:

Run 200m
20 KB Goblet Squats (53/35)
15 Push Press (95/65)

Compare to 11/11/14 

WOD: 4/22/15

15 Minutes to finish 5 works sets of:
1 Power Clean + 2 Pause Front Squats + 1 Jerk

EMOM for 15 minutes:
15/12 Calorie Row (Men/Women)
5 Power Cleans  (135/85) [Advanced: Full Squat]
40 Double-Unders

Reminder: because of the expected rain, we will not be running the bear creek path today. See you at the gym. 

WOD: 4/21/15

Back Squat
2 X 5 @ 80%
1 X 3 @ 85%
1 X 2 @ 90%

7 Rounds:
200m Run
12 KB Swings (70/53)
*rest 1 Minute between rounds

Announcement:  Tomorrow (Wednesday, 4/22) was supposed to be our 5k run test at bear creek.  However, there is a chance of rain in some forecasts, and since we’re optimists, we’re hoping to get a bunch of it.  Because of the chance of (much needed) rain, we’re pushing back the 5k run until next Wednesday, April 29.  Remember, meet at the corner of McKee and S Bear Creek.

WOD: 4/16/15

1a) 5X5 Bench Press – start at 75% of 1RM, try to add load each set
1b) 5×30 Seconds Weighted plank


Tabata Intervals of (8 rounds – :20 work/:10 rest):

1) KB Swings 24/16kg
2) Air Squats
3) Ab-Mat Situps

(8 rounds of 1, then 2, then 3)

*Compare to 9.24.14

WOD: 4/14/15


Back Squat: 5×5
Start at 75% of 1RM, Add load as needed between sets – Work to a 5RM If speed and technique are good.


3 Rounds
100m Farmer Carry
25 Shoulder Touches
25 Double Unders

Reminder:  We will be testing our 5k run next Wednesday, April 22.  All classes will be meeting at the corner of S Bear Creek and McKee.  

WOD: 4/13/15

1) 5 Minutes to establish a 1RM Strict Shoulder Press
2a) 1X ME Strict Shoulder Press at 80%
2b) 1X ME Strict Ring Rows
3a) 1x ME Strict Shoulder Press at 70%
3b) 1x ME Strict Ring Rows
4a) 1x ME Strict Shoulder Press at 60%
4b) 1x ME Strict Ring Rows
5a) 1x ME Strict Shoulder Press at 50%
5b) 1x ME Strict Ring Rows

800m Run, then
5 Minute Strict “Cindy”
800m Run

WOD: 4/10/15

1a) 3×4 Paused Front Squats – AHAP – 5 Second Pause at lowest stable position
1b) 3x 200m butt-kicker run
20 Minute AMRAP:
2 Muscle Ups
4 Handstand Pushups
8 KB Swings

(Alternate version)
4 pull-ups
6 push-ups
8 KB swings

Compare to 9/26/14

WOD: 4/8/15

1a) 3×5 Strict Shoulder Press
1b) 3x 1 Minute Handstand Hold

2a) 3×3 Push Press – AHAP
2b) 3×5 Dead Hang Negatives

Alternating AMRAP for 12:00

Even – 1 Hang Power Clean + 2 Hang Squat Cleans (at 70% of 1RM from Monday)
Odd – Plank hold

Congratulations to the Lil’ Baby Dreamers (Captains: Demaris & Alexa) for winning this year’s Intra-CFM team competition for the Open.  The competition literally came down to the wire, and was unbelievably close.  It’s difficult for me to emphasize how close it actually was.  LBD beat WOD Tang Clan in the final week by a cumulative total of TWENTY SECONDS!   The finish moved WTC down in the overall standings to third place from first.  We’ll be working on the T shirts (or Tank top – your choice) and trophy for LBD in the next few weeks.
Final Rankings:
1- Lil’ Baby Dreamers

2- Bull Moose Party
3- WOD Tang Clan
4- Fire Woes

WOD: 4/3/15

1) 1xME UB Dead Hang Pull Ups

Sit Ups
Double Unders
*Compare to 8/1/13.

3) 400m Walking Lunge with PVC Overhead

*200m soft cap @ 8 Minutes (STRICT).  Compare to 6/24/13.

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month.  Bring a Friend to the Team WOD tomorrow at 10 AM!

Bring A Friend to the Team WOD on Saturday at 10 AM!

WOD: 4/2/15

Establish a 1RM Snatch from the floor or hang position (blocks may be used if available)

2k Row for time

*Compare to 2/17/14.

Figure out what pace you need to beat your old PR by a few seconds.  Keep that pace.  If you have more in the tank when you get to 500m you can pick it up from there.

Bring A Friend to the Team WOD on Saturday!

WOD: 3/31/15

EMOM for 7:00
3 Back Squats – Start at 75%, add load for as many minutes as possible without deviating from good squat mechanics – heavier than last week

“Foundations Day 3″
400m Run
10 Strict Press
10 Front Squats
10 Push Press
10 Front Squats
10 Jerks (anyhow)
10 Front Squats
400m Run

*Compare to 11/3/14.

Bring-A-Friend Day is this Saturday!  Let’s pack the gym!