All Good Things, Part 2

In the grand scheme of things and considering what’s happening in the world right now, this news you are about to read is fairly inconsequential. It won’t affect how you live and it won’t affect how you work out at CrossFit Merced. It is, however, some big news for Maya and I, and we would like to share it with you.

Effective September 1, 2020, Maya and I will have sold our share in ownership of CrossFit Merced to John and Dixie Sweigard. If you stop reading now, I wouldn’t be offended in the least. But I would like to attempt to put into words what CrossFit Merced has meant to us.

I could write pages and pages about my experience with this place and the people here; about meeting Jen and Anthony for the first time, or about my first workout in the building on Main Street (where I was humbled and humiliated by “Helen”). I could tell you stories about the early days at CFM and flipping tires in the parking lot or pushing sleds through the alley. I could write about being intimidated or tripping over the sidewalk that had been pushed up by the tree on our 400m, around the block running course. I could tell you about ripping my hands for the first time or how I’ve hated burpees for 10 years. I’m not joking when I say I think I could write a book.

But I will spare you all that because it doesn’t matter. I can sum it up by saying this; CrossFit Merced has been one of the most special and influential places in my entire life.

I stumbled into ownership about seven years ago when Anthony was finishing law school and studying for the bar exam. He needed help, and I loved being there. While I have never been the fittest person in the gym by any measurement, I loved people, and I loved helping people get better. As I transitioned through career changes and existential crises (another book I would like to write!), CrossFit Merced was constant. And in retrospect, I can easily say it was YOU, the members at CFM who became my friends that helped me through some of the most difficult transitions of my life.

Life transitions again have led us to this letter today. Maya and I have four kids whom we love beyond words. They deserve the best of us. We also both have very full time jobs as teachers that demand our time and attention. We came to realize recently that we were not able to give the time and energy to CrossFit Merced that It ultimately deserves. To be honest, that realization has been heartbreaking.

In short, we want to say thank you all for EVERYTHING these past years have given us, and the friendships we’ve made will remain. We are so grateful for you. Also, we are absolutely NOT “going anywhere” – you’ll see us in the afternoon most days sweating and laughing and complaining. Further, we have full confidence in John and Dixie taking the reins, and are excited for the future of CFM.

Your workout buddies,
Matt and Maya Davis

Workout – 8/29/2020

100m Jog
5 Kip Swings
5 Med. Ball Front Squats
5 Med. Ball Push Press to a target*

*Athletes toss the ball to a target from the Push Press. However, when catching the ball, catch the ball in your 2-4”, the dip you would do for the Push Press. This is not a full wall ball yet.

6/6 Tempo SA DB Bench Press (3/1/11) (3 secs down, 1 sec hold, 1 sec up)
6/6 Tempo SA DB Arnold Press (3/1/1)
6/6 Tempo SA Supported Bent Over Row (3/1/1)

SA = Single Arm

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

400m Run (500m row/ski or 30 cal bike)
30 Wall Balls (20/14)|(14/10)
20 Pull-Ups

(Score is Time)

Strength – 8/24/2020

Hello, all.

As you’ve probably noticed, air quality is bad. Really, really bad. So bad, in fact, that (through much discussion and deliberation) we have decided to call an audible this week and not program any metcons.

We understand this will be disappointing to many of you. But we also hope you understand we are making this decision for your benefit and well-being. Crossfit is not simply about working as hard as you can every single day. It is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and we genuinely believe that breathing this air, especially in the way we breathe during our workouts, is harmful, ultimately, to your health.

This week we will shift our focus to strength and Olympic lifting sessions, as well as focusing on some gymnastics movements we don’t often get a chance to emphasize. We will attempt to minimize the effects on the respiratory system while still building capacity by increasing strength and skill in gymnastics.

We genuinely believe this will be a fun week. We humbly ask you to trust the process and put in the work!

EVERY 1:30 x 7 SETS
1 Clean Deadlift +1 Below the Knee High Pull +
1 Below the Knee Hang Power Clean +
1 Above the Knee Hang Power Clean
*Start light and build to moderate.
(Score is Weight)

10 Minutes to find a max (for the day) power clean from the floor

Accumulate 50 front rack Forward lunges (115/75) in as many sets as needed

Saturday Open Gym 8-10:30 am

Open Gym / Gymnastics Coaching (Pull-ups, Kipping, Toes 2 Bar, Bar Muscle-ups, Wall Walks, Handstand Holds, Handstand Pushups)

MIN 1 – 5 Scap Push-Ups into Max Push-Up to Pike (Down Dog)
MIN 2 – 10 DBL KB Suitcase Deadlifts into Max Suitcase Hold
MIN 3 – 10 Burpees into Max Med Ball Overhead Sit-ups

16 Slow Tuckups
12 Pike Push-Ups (Box or No Box)
1:00 EZ Row

3 Indoor Laps KB Suitcase Carry (53/35)|(35/26)
20 HR Push-Ups
30 Med Ball Overhead Sit-ups (20/10)

-Rest 1:00 b/t Sets-

(Score is Each Set for Time)

Strength – 8/21/2020

We are experiencing a potentially unhealthy air quality situation and we’re doing our best to adapt for you, our members. So here’s another workout that is outside of our normal program but we think will ultimately serve you best.

1a) Double Unders: 4×30 sec
1b) Bench/Floor press: 4×5
1c) Flutter Kicks: 4×30 sec

2a) Seated Lateral raise: 3×10
2b) Seated Front Raise: 3×10
2c) Side Plank: 3×30 sec each

3a) Upright Row: 3×12
3b) OH Tricep Ext: 3×12
3c) Barbell Curls: 3×12

Strength – 8/20/2020

In light of the poor air quality, we will be using today’s class as an opportunity to increase strength and stability with primary and auxiliary movements. Developing stronger movement today will have benefits for future conditioning.

1a) Glute Hip Thrust w/KB: 4×10
[advanced: single leg x 8 each side]

1b) Banded Lateral Walk: 4×15 steps each direction (stay in your own area; change direction as needed)

1c) Strict Pull Up: 4×8+
[add weight if necessaryscale pull up negatives x 4 reps w/5 second descent]

2) Every 2:00 x 6 sets:
6 Deadlifts
*Start and finish heavier than last week.

3a) Good mornings: 3×10
3b) Single Arm Elbow Out KB Row w/staggered stance: 3×10 each arm

Strength & Workout – 8/18/2020

1 Pausing Hang Power Clean*
1 Hang Power Clean

*Athletes will pause :02 above the knee before completing the movement.

(Score is Weight)

5 SETS (:40 ON / :20 OFF)*
MOVT 1 – Hang Power Clean (95/65)|(65/45)
MOVT 2 – Back Rack Reverse Lunges
MOVT 3 – Sit-Ups

-No Additional Rest b/t Sets-

(Score is Total Reps)

Strength & Workout – 8/17/2020

4 Push Jerks

*Start light and build to moderate-heavy

(Score is Weight)

30 Push Jerks (95/65)|(65/45)
30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
250m Row or Ski or 15/12 Cal Bike
20 Push Jerks (115/75)|(75/55)
20 Box Jump Overs
250m Row or Ski or 15/12 Cal Bike
10 Push Jerks (135/95)|(95/65)
10 Box Jump Overs
250m Row or Ski or 15/12 Cal Bike

(Score is Time)

Strength & Workout – 8/10/2020


2 Pausing Hang Power Clean*

*Athletes will pause :02 above the knee before completing the movement.

-Rest as Needed b/t Sets-

(Score is Weight)

1 Minute – 15/12 Calorie Bike/Ski/Row
1 Minute – Hang Power Clean (75/55)
1 Minute – Bar Facing Burpees
1 Minute Rest

(Score is Reps for cleans and burpees)